CNBC: Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro headphones are better than AirPods, but they’re expensive

“I love my AirPods. I even bought the latest model that added a few new features and wireless charging,” Todd Haselton reports for CNBC. “But it still drives me nuts that they look like silly little earrings. That’s why I was excited when Apple’s Beats brand recently announced the Powerbeats Pro, a set of headphones with many of the features of AirPods but with a sportier design.”

“The $250 Powerbeats Pro are great, and you should buy them if you think AirPods look silly or if you’ve found they just don’t fit your ears properly,” Haselton reports. “Plus, these are better for exercise thanks to features like sweat-resistance… Some people disagree, but I think they look less goofy than AirPods, especially in the more discrete black color.”

“My biggest problem with the Powerbeats Pro is that the charging case is huge compared with the one you get for AirPods. You could jam it into your pocket, sure, but it would look awfully silly. It’s best for keeping in purses and backpacks. That’s not as convenient as AirPods, which I always have in my pocket,” Haselton reports. “They’re also expensive. The new AirPods start at $159, but cost $199 if you want the wireless charging case. The Powerbeats Pro cost $249 and don’t have wireless charging.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Either way you go, AirPods or Powerbeats Pro, Apple wins!

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