Aqara to Issue Firmware Update to Fix 1.6.1 Problems

We’ve just been told by Aqara that they are planning to issue a firmware update to fix the issues that many people have been facing with their hubs and child devices after upgrading to 1.6.1 via the Aqara app for iOS, namely reduced ZigBee signal range and offline devices and slow response times.

It seems the 1.6.1 update that has caused these problems was only meant for beta testers but somehow managed to make its way to normal users, resulting in a series of problems, centred around the hub. The update that Aqara will be issuing, presumably via the Aqara app, will drop early next week, and will in actual fact be a downgrade to the previous stable build, which is 1.6.0.

some users online have been erroneously reporting that both 1.6.1 and 1.6.0 firmware updates were causing the aforementioned issues, but in actual fact, depending on the app you’re using or even viewing the firmware number on, this would in some cases appear as 1.6.0, when in actual fact, the problem-prone update has always been 1.6.1. This is backed up by the fact that 1.6.0 has been out for a while with no reported issues, up until the 1.6.1 update dropped.

As soon as we know more or have an exact date for the ‘downgrade’ we will update this page.

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