This May Be the World’s Most Versatile Battery/Wireless Charger for iPhone

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Pros: Built-in AC plug and cables. Qi-enabled. Generous 5,000mAh battery capacity. Safe and lightweight.

Cons: Portable, but not pocket-size.

Bottom Line: The Scout Wireless Portable Charger is quite possibly the most versatile Qi-compatible charger on the market.

In a surprise March announcement, Apple revealed that it officially pulled the plug on the AirPower. The long-anticipated charging mat that would’ve been capable of wirelessly juicing up your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch all at once is, unfortunately, now a no-go.

Although the company still firmly believes that the “future is wireless,” there is no indication that they’ll be releasing a wireless charger anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do away with cable-free charging altogether. After all, the latest iPhones are Qi-enabled.

While you wait for the second coming of AirPower, you may find the intelliARMOR Scout Wireless 5,000mAh Portable Charger to be a worthy alternative.

Product Overview

The self-proclaimed “world’s most versatile charger” can power up your entire collection of devices with its built-in charging cables for Lightning, microUSB, USB-A, USB-C, and even Qi wireless.

There’s no denying that the market is littered with wireless chargers, but the Scout Wireless Charger may just be the most adaptable portable charger you can get your hands on.

Whether or not your devices have wireless charging functionality, this battery pack can juice up your entire tech collection without a hitch.

With built-in Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB cables, it can accommodate your AirPods, iPads, and older iPhones without wireless charging technology. It even works with non-Apple devices, including tablets, headphones, action cameras, and eReaders.

The built-in wires are only a few inches long, and you might not be able to use your devices comfortably while plugged-in, but there’s also a built-in 2.1 AMP USB charging port if you prefer to use your own charging cables.

It Can Charge an iPhone XS 2x Per Day
on Battery Power Alone

Scout Wireless Charger has a generous battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, meaning it can successfully charge an iPhone XS twice in one day. If you’d like to take advantage of its wireless charging functionality, all you have to do is put your Qi-enabled device atop of the charger and wait for the power bank to work its magic.

You can even juice up multiple devices at once since the charger is powerful enough to allow both wired and wireless charging to occur simultaneously. It employs intelligent charging technology that automatically detects new connections and adjusts the current requirements of the devices, giving way for optimal charging speeds.

And you don’t even have to worry about any risk of damage to your devices. The Scout Wireless Charger is ETL certified and FCC, RoHS, and CE compliant. It has undergone all the necessary regulatory approvals to ensure its safety.

Extremely Portable Design

Boasting a sleek, slim design and clocking in at only 9 ounces, this portable charger can be easily transported around without weighing you down. While it’s not one of those ultra-tiny, pocket-size chargers, it offers significantly more features and battery power than smaller models. It’s about the same size as an iPhone XS Max, so you might have to hold it with two hands if you plan to use your device and the charger at the same time.

As for charging the power bank itself? Thanks to its built-in AC plug, you can connect it to a wall outlet without fumbling with additional cables. But should you want a little more slack while you charge, there’s a micro USB input for charging as well.

How to Get One

The Scout Wireless 5,000mAh Portable Charger usually retails for $80, but for a limited time, you can grab it for only $39.99 — a savings of 50 percent.

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Sporting a built-in wall charger, built-in cables, quick-charging USB port, Qi-wireless capabilities and safe charging technology, Scout is hands-down the smartest way to juice up your entire tech collection.

  • Charge all of your devices with its 5,000 mAh battery capacity.
  • Easily power your devices with its built-in Lightning, microUSB and USB-C cables.
  • Wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible devices.
  • Recharge your Scout by plugging it into a wall outlet or using the microUSB charging port.

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