Using the Apple TV buttons with ease

Learn the intimate details of the Siri Remote for Apple TV.

The buttons on the Siri Remote for your Apple TV are somewhat self-explanatory, but you may not fully understand everything they can do. Here are their functions.

How to use the Menu button on the Siri Remote

The Menu button is the most versatile of the Siri Remote buttons.

  • Press the Menu button on the Apple TV Home screen to jump to the first app in the Home tray.
  • Press the Menu button while the first app in the Home tray is selected to start or exit the screen saver.
  • Press the Menu button while in an app to back out of any screen.
  • Press and hold the Menu button for two seconds to jump to the Home screen from anywhere.

How to use the Apple TV button on the Siri Remote

The Apple TV button is a shortcut to the TV app, however, you can change this to function as a Home button.

  • Press the TV button once to jump to Up Next in the TV app from anywhere.
  • Press the TV button again to go to the Home screen.
  • Double-press the TV button to see your recently used apps in Multitasking.

How to change the function of the Home button

You can change the functionality of the Apple TV app.

  • Open Settings on Apple TV.
  • Go to Remotes and Devices, select Home button, then press the Touch surface to select either Home Screen or TV App.

How to use the Play/Pause button on the Siri Remote

The Play/Pause button is the king of media content control on Apple TV.

  • Press the Play/Pause button to pause or play content, including music, movies, and games that support it.
  • When you press and hold the trackpad for one-second to enter jiggly mode, you can then press the Play/Pause button to access the app options menu to delete it, move it to a new folder, or move it to a suggested folder.
  • While in a text form, press the Play/Pause button to toggle between upper and lowercase.
  • While music is playing in the Music app, if you’re on the Home screen, press and hold the Play/Pause button for five seconds to jump to the currently playing song.

How to use the Siri button

The Siri button is your verbal gateway to everything that Siri can help you do.

  1. Press the Siri button to get tips on how to use the virtual assistant.
  2. Press and hold the Siri button to activate Siri.
  3. While still holding the Siri button speak into the microphone at the top of the Siri Remote.
  4. Let go of the Siri button when you are done talking to hear the response.

How to use the volume control buttons

The volume controls can be used to turn up or down the audio when you connect your Siri remote to your TV set.

  • Press the plus (+) button to increase the volume of your TV set.
  • Press the minus (-) button to decrease the volume of your TV set.

And that is the anatomy of the Siri Remote.

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Updated May 2019: Updated for tvOS 12.

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