Aqara’s App Update ‘Officially’ Reveals New HomeKit Hub

As we reported previously, and have known about unofficially for some time, Aqara have a swathe of new products waiting to be released, and whilst some of these have yet to surface, the new Aqara M2 Hub, along with some new lights, made a surprise ‘mistake’ appearance on the Android version of the Aqara home app (it’s still there apparently).

Now it seems, with the latest update to the iOS version of the Aqara app, the M2 has made it’s ‘official’ debut – perhaps another internal error, similar to the reportedly mistakenly leaked Android update. Nevertheless, within the app, if you’re signed in and have the server set to Mainland China, not only do you see the new hub, but if you go through the procedure of trying to add it, you eventually get asked for a HomeKit code, which confirms what we’ve known all along, but unsure whether it would make it to the officially released hardware. As far as the new M2 hub goes, other than the fact that it’s HomeKit compatible, there’s still no information as to what differentiates it from the current hub, other than the outward appearance, and the what appears to be a lack of LED lights or a speaker, as per the Aqara hub as it stands.

As if this wasn’t enough, another new device, we previously didn’t report on, is a Zigbee-based Light Detection Sensor. Alongside this new device, there are also new ‘versions’ of the temperature/humidity sensor, door/window sensor, motion sensor and water leak sensor, all with the T1 suffix. For the light sensor and all the T1 sensors to be added, you, of course, need a hub, and in the case of these devices, the only options that appear are the two HomeKit hubs – Aqara Hub and Aqara Hub M2.

Finally, if you’re exclusively using the Aqara app exclusively, then you’re also able to update your hub to v1.6.1. The list of changes listed for this update largely seems to be about fixes as it stands. Of course, it is up to yourselves as to whether you choose to update the hub, and more so if you are currently using the Mi Home app with your Aqara hub, as this update is only available via the Aqara app, not Mi Home.

Thanks to ‘mszfcz’ for the heads up.

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