Whoops! People keep dropping their AirPods onto subway tracks

“Depending on who you ask, Apple’s $159 wireless AirPods are either straight up amazing or the cheery manifestation of societal rot,” Jack Morse writes for Mashable. “One fact, however, is undeniable: People keep dropping these things onto subway tracks.”

“According to BART officials, the agency’s lost and found received 52 reports of lost AirPods so far this year,” Morse writes. “If the rate keeps up, the number could surpass last year’s total. In 2018, BART clocked 80 reports of lost AirPods.”

What we don’t track and what we do know happens frequently, is how often a Station Agent is told one has dropped and the agent contacts the Operations Control Center for work orders to go onto the track to retrieve it to the passenger. — Alicia Trost, BART communications department manager

“BART even has a special ‘grabbing tool’ used for picking AirPods (and, admittedly, other items) up off the tracks,” Morse writes. “A quick tour of the agency’s Twitter feed makes clear that BART officials have both become accustomed to riders dropping AirPods onto tracks and skilled at retrieving them. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: The only time our AirPods ever fall out, and this includes running, is when we absentmindedly reach up to scratch an ear or wipe away sweat from exercise. AirPods don’t just fall out themselves, no matter how hard we run and jump about.

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