This Impressive Air Purifier and Ionizer for Your Car Is on Sale Now for $20

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Pros: User-friendly design with plug-and-go functionality. Its unique hybrid design combines the best features of two distinct air purifier categories.

Cons: Not as strong as pricier HEPA air filter models.

Bottom Line: While not as robust as more expensive models, this Car Plug-In Air Purifier is a high-quality, portable, no-fuss device for drivers searching for economical air purifying solutions.

Consider a car air ionizer/purifier as a must-have for your vehicle. This particular hybrid air-purifying device, coupled with its unbeatable price, is an impressive air-freshening solution that won’t break the bank. But what’s so special about it? Continue reading to learn more.

Why Car Air Purifiers Matter

You may not think much about the air in your car, but air pollution isn’t solely an outdoor phenomenon. Smog, pollen, and other pollutants, rush into your vehicle cabin each time you open your car door or open the windows; occurrences so routine that they may not register as significant. On top of that, your car emits particles and chemicals whenever you run the engine. All of these impurities and odors can get trapped in your vehicle and mix to form subpar air that isn’t pleasant or healthy to breathe.

Given how much time you spend in your car (which could add up to a quarter of your waking life in busier cities), owning a car air purifier isn’t just a question of convenience. Instead, it’s a must for any driver serious about maintaining his or her respiratory and overall health.

How Does This Car Air Purifier Work?

There are a wide array of different purifiers, including HEPA filters, ionizers, and ozone filters; the second and third categories of which this air purifier falls into. This hybrid air-purifying device, coupled with an unbeatable price point, makes it a worthy solution that won’t hurt your wallet. But how does it work?

By combining the air cleansing properties of ionizers with the odor eliminating qualities of ozone emitters, the Car Plug-In Air Purifier offers unparalleled multi-functionality.

Like any quality ionizer, this purifier works by emitting anions, or molecules that have a negative charge instead of being neutral — ionizing pollutant particles so that they stick to surfaces (or each other), and cease to float in the air. And similarly to quality ozone generators, it emits ozone that neutralizes odor-causing chemical substances upon contact, stripping your air of any overpowering, stubborn smells.

Simplicity and ease of use is a major plus with this model: plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter or power socket to get started. After you let it run for a bit, you’ll notice an improvement in your car’s air quality. Cigarette smoke, mystery smells, smog, and other unpleasantries will dissipate, leaving your car’s air more crisp and clean than when you first began.

How to Get One

Silver is now sold out, however you can still purchase the Black version of the Car Plug-In Air Purifier for just $19.99.

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Car Plug-In Air Purifier

Leave your car smelling fresh and clean with this Car Plug-In Air Purifier. Its built-in ionizer will boost your vehicle’s air quality, zapping foul odors and filtering out irritating allergens like dust and pollen. With this purifier eliminating unhealthy pollutants, you’ll breathe easier while cruising down the highway.

  • Quickly improves air quality with its built-in ionizer.
  • Can eliminate cigarette smoke within seconds.
  • Produces no fragrances.
  • Scrubs allergens from the air like dander, bacteria, pollen and more.
  • Removes odors left behind by pets, sweat, food, exhaust, etc.

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