Original iPod in factory-sealed box hits eBay for $19,995

“If you missed the opportunity to buy the original iPod nearly 18 years ago, now is your second chance — but it won’t be cheap,” Joe Rossignol writes for MacRumors.

“A very rare first-generation iPod factory sealed in its ‘unopened original box’” in “unopened original shrink wrap” has surfaced in a new eBay listing with an asking price of $19,995, over 50 times more than the $399 it cost when it was first unveiled by the late Steve Jobs in October 2001,” Rossignol writes. “Its 0.75-inch thickness was slim at the time.”

Rossignol writes, “It’s hard to say exactly how many factory-sealed original iPods are still in existence, but there are likely not many, and they rarely go on sale.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The eBay original iPod listing is here.

Every time these auctions happen, we flash back to opening boxes of original Apple products from years gone by: original iPod (same as above), original iPhone, original Apple Watch… Ugh!

Buy two, keep one unopened for a few decades, and pay for many of your Apple products that you purchased during that time!

Beyond the plump Steve, note the audience for Jobs’ 2001 presentation: No laptops, no live blogging, no cellphones, one camera; they’re just sitting there watching and listening (plus a young Tim Cook along with other Apple execs in the front row):

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