iPhone doesn’t have an SD card slot, but you can use a flash drive instead!

Whether you’re looking to save some space on your iPhone by transferring photos, videos, and documents, want to add some new music to your device, or plan to move a large movie or file from point A to point B, having a flash drive that works with your iPhone is a great little accessory to have in your back pocket. There are dozens of iPhone flash drive options to choose from online, and we’ve highlighted our favorites that give you the most bang for your buck. Here are the best flash drives for backing up your iPhone.

Best for Most

EATOP iPhone Memory Stick

Staff Favorite

The EATOP iPhone Memory Stick is an efficient and affordable memory stick with 128GB of storage space. It comes in black, gold, rose gold, and silver color options and has a Lightning plug and a USB side that can be used with the simple flick of its switch.

$40 at Amazon


HooToo iPhone iPad flash drive

If you’re looking for an iPhone flash drive that transfers your files super fast, is built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, and can instantly add a nice dose of storage for your iPhone, then check out the HooToo iPhone iPad flash drive. It’s built with a full, aluminum alloy design.

$36 at Amazon


SanDisk iXpand mobile flash drive

The SanDisk iXpand mobile flash drive works seamlessly with not only Mac computers, but also PCs. You can even effortlessly play movies and music directly from your hard drive, meaning that there’s no downloading or space-take-up-ing needed.

$119 at Amazon

Lightning Fast

GUORUI iPhone Lightning Memory Stick

The GUORUI iPhone Lightning Memory Stick gives you 128GB of storage space to quickly and safely transfer your iPhone’s files. It comes with a 60-day return policy in case anything goes wrong, and works with any iPhone that has a Lightning port.

$30 at Amazon


iDiskk MFI certified flash drive

Whether you’re looking to transfer movies and photos, wanting to share music, or simply want to free up space on your iPhone, the iDiskk MFI certified flash drive is an option to consider. Designed with a durable aluminum build, it comes with a free app that supports shooting photos and videos, while instantly saving your masterpieces straight to the flash drive.

$44 at Amazon


SanDisk flash drive for iPhone and iPad

Designed to transfer your files so you can free up space fast, automatically backup all photos and videos, easily stream videos on the go, the SanDisk flash drive for iPhone and iPad is the perfect little accessory to keep in your bag just in case you need that extra storage.

From $24 at Amazon


CFTech iPhone Memory Stick

The CFTech iPhone Memory Stick is a fashion-forward and functional USB and Lightning adapter that allows you to store up to 128GB of photographs, videos, and more. It comes with a free app to make storage simple and is available in rose gold, black, and silver color options.

$31 at Amazon

Extra Length

RAVPower Flash Drive for iPhone

The RAVPower Flash Drive for iPhone is a USB and Lightning port adapter with added length thanks to a short but useful cable. You can use it to not only store up to 128GB of files, but also charge your iPhone on the go with a portable battery pack.

$43 at Amazon

Easy To Use

XOMAYI iPhone Flash Drive

The XOMAYI iPhone Flash Drive is a fast, reliable, and convenient accessory that works with the free Y-Disk app that supports all major video and music formats so you can efficiently save your photos and videos in an instant. It comes in black and bright blue color options.

$30 at Amazon

Find the perfect flash drive for you and your iPhone

Are you a big fan of using an iPhone flash drive? Do you prefer iCloud? Do you just airdrop your files to your Mac once you run out of space on your iPhone? There are so many different storage options out there, but we’re personally a huge fan of the EATOP iPhone Memory Stick because of its price, its design, and its wide color range.

If you’re on the market for a flash drive that’s a bit more rugged — something that’s perfect for travelling, camping, and going on more intense adventures — then we’re going to have to recommend the iDiskk MFI certified flash drive because of it’s durable aluminum design.

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