Gizmodo: Apple’s AirPods suck compared to the new Powerbeats Pro

“Beats just released a new truly wireless model called Powerbeats Pro, and they feel like a revelation,” Adam Clark Estes writes for Gizmodo. “I can’t believe how much I like these earbuds and want to wear them and don’t even feel embarrassed when I do.”

“The $250 Powerbeats Pro are a more rugged, better-fitting, and better-sounding version of the AirPods,” Estes writes. “The design is obviously different, with the inclusion of that familiar ear hook as well as the chunky plastic body that contains the device’s battery and guts. The earbud itself connects to this and rests lightly on the outside of your ear canal, which means there’s no real seal around the rubber bud. (That also means they’re not very good at noise isolation, so a loud subway train would regularly drown out the sound of my music during my commute.) Surprisingly, once you figure out how to put the Powerbeats on your ear, they sort of disappear. During my week of testing, I would regularly forget that I was even wearing them.”

“The new earbuds have the same H1 chip that made its debut in the second-generation AirPods, so they sync up seamlessly with your Apple products,” Estes writes. “The Powerbeats Pro are also water resistant and sweat resistant, which is a big deal if you want to wear these things to the gym. Apple doesn’t give its products IP ratings, but the Powerbeats Pro did stand up to several long, sweaty runs and a quick round in the shower… Here’s the kicker: the Powerbeats Pro sound good, too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Betas Powerbeats Pro. For when you want to look like the Borg and carry around a case the size of a spaceship, too!

Guess what, Apple doesn’t care which one you buy, so have at ’em!

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