‘Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa’ documentary will tell the story of Apple’s most important ‘flop’

“A new documentary called Before Macintosh: The Apple Lisa promises to tell the story of one of Apple’s most important flops,” Luke Dormehl writes for Cult of Mac.

“Directed by computer historian (and Apple collector) David Greelish, the movie will feature interviews with key players in the machine’s development,” Dormehl writes. “It also will place the Lisa in its proper context — as one of the most influential computers of all time… The Lisa was Apple’s first attempt at a computer with a WIMP (windows, icons, mouse pointer) interface. While we associate many of these innovations with 1984’s Mac, the Lisa actually introduced them to a general audience.”

“The documentary should come in around 100 minutes long, divided into three parts,” Dormehl writes. “The first will tell the story of the Lisa at Apple, focusing on the computer’s development, launch and untimely demise. The second part of the doc will then cover its life after Apple. The third segment will focus on Lisa enthusiasts who keep the computer’s legacy alive today.”

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MacDailyNews Note: The digital release of the movie is targeted for November 2019 and the DVD for December 2019 and its modest budget is being funded via KickStarter. More info, including an introductory video from Greelish, here.

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