Bay area subway commuters keep losing AirPods

lost AirPods
Not everyone has the ears for AirPods
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An AirPod falling out of your ear is not a question of if, but when.

But the when for several unlucky souls in the San Francisco Bay area offers the rest of us a warning to not wear them anywhere near train or subway tracks.

BART, the public transit system for Bay area commuters, says it’s lost and found department has received 52 reports of lost AirPods so far this year, according to a report on the website Mashable. That number is on track to outpace last year’s total of 80.

BART’s Twitter feed is also a platform for commuters to report missing AirPods. AirPod popouts are so common, BART has equipped station agents with a grabbing tool to pick fallen AirPods from the tracks.

“What we don’t track and what we do know happens frequently is how often a station agent is told one has dropped and the agent contacts the Operations Control Center for work order to go on the track to retrieve it to the passenger,” BART communications manager Alicia Trost told Mashabe.

AirPods not a great fit for every ear

How ears are contoured are as unique as fingerprints. In other words, the wireless AirPods are going to fit more snuggly in some ears than others. While AirPods offer incredible sound for a set of earbuds, an ongoing criticism is the price ($159) and the cost of replacing one AirPod ($69).

One thread in Apple’s discussion forum is devoted to people looking for advice on how to keep from losing an AirPod. Tech sites frequently post tips on how to prevent a loss. One artist turned her’s into earrings.

Trost had a good list of tips of her own: Keep the AirPods out of your ears while on escalators, on the platform or while boarding the train, when one could easily fall through the gap between platform and train.

“Once on the train, just know if they fall out, you’ll be searching the floors of a likely crowded train car moving at speeds of up to 80 mph,” she said.

The short answer: don’t wear AirPods at any time during your commute. Find another way to cope.

Source: Mashable

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