Apple’s iPhone is killing the standalone camera

“If you have been a regular reader, then you know my hobbyhorse: the iPhone is killing the standalone camera,” Om Malik writes for Om. “And the latest data released by Camera & Imaging Products Association only reinforces my thesis from a few years ago.”

“Even though we are taking more photos all the time, we are not taking them with standalone cameras,” Malik writes. “Instead, we are using our smartphones for every kind of photography.”

“For selfies, casual photos with friends, snapshots when traveling, and even when taking food photos, I rarely use any camera other than my iPhone. And I am what you might call a camera guy… (For my landscape photography, I use a Leica SL, which I love),” Malik writes. “The camera industry is doing its best to paper over its looming doomsday scenario by releasing high-end interchangeable lens cameras that cost as much as a second-hand car. But you can see where this is going.”

Total Worldwide Digital Camera Unit Sales, 2003-2018

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Camera app’s Portrait mode (and the inevitable parade of knockoffs out of The Land of Fragmentation) was a big nail in traditional camera makers’ collective coffin.

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