Original iPod hits eBay with sealed packaging, crazy price tag

Original iPod eBay
How much?!
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Apple devices famously hold their value well, and if they’ve never been used, they can fetch a lot more than they originally cost. But would you pay $19,995 for a classic iPod?

That’s exactly how much one eBay seller is asking for a first-generation unit that comes in its “unopened original box.”

The original iPod was priced at $399 when it made its debut back in 2001. Steve Jobs touted its ability to put “1,000 songs in your pocket” during the device’s unveiling.

That’s pretty pricey when you consider that you can buy a brand new iPad for that money today. But it didn’t stop the iPod from being one of Apple’s most successful products of all time.

Obviously you can’t buy the original from the Apple Store 18 years later. They are available relatively cheaply on the second-hand market — unless you want yours sealed in its original packaging.

iPod goes on sale for $19,995

This particular model has never been opened and still sports its original factory shrink wrap, according to the seller. It is hoping to fetch at least $19,995.

That might sound crazy, but it’s actually $5 less than the $20,000 an original iPod reportedly fetched on eBay in 2014. The listing currently has 41 watchers.

In case you need a reminder, the first iPod offers 5GB of storage on a spinning hard drive, plus a 2-inch greyscale display. It can be connected to a Mac or PC via FireWire, and promised up to 10 hours of use in between charges.

Will you be placing a bid?

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