Macworld reviews Apple’s Beats Powerbeats Pro: Better than AirPods, but not for everybody

“AirPods are a cultural icon, and for good reason. More than two years ago, Apple released a set of true wireless earbuds that solved many of the problems that made us hate Bluetooth headphones, making them as convenient and reliable as we’ve always dreamed,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “And now Apple has newer AirPods with a custom H1 chip that makes them even better.”

“But the second-generation AirPods aren’t the best true wireless earbuds Apple makes. Not anymore,” Cross writes. “The first true wireless earbuds by Beats, the Powerbeats Pro, are better than AirPods. You pay a premium for this quality — $249, compared to $159 for AirPods — and you won’t find the Powerbeats Pro quite as portable as AirPods,” Cross writes. “But if you want true wireless earbuds that work with your iPhone as effortlessly as AirPods and sound better and last longer, they’re well worth the premium price.”

“If you want to block outside noise, wear your earbuds during rigorous activity, listen for long periods without recharging, or if you really care about sound quality, the Powerbeats Pro are a better choice,” Cross writes. “If you need to hear your surroundings, or you put a premium on pocketability and quickly placing or removing your earbuds, or just if price is a critical factor, you’d be better off with AirPods.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The small size and being able to hear ambient noise, especially while running with vehicular traffic around, is why we’ll be sticking with our AirPods for that, but considering Powerbeats Pro for things like plane travel.

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