Forthcoming Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Purportedly HomeKit Compatible

When it comes to breaking developments, it’s not always enough to wait for a press release to find out news, and in the case of Xiaomi ecosystem products, it’s more so the case.

We recently took a look at the Xiaomi Home app (better known to many as Mi Home) and noticed that in the lighting section for the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus, the device states that;

“This product support HomeKit, and can be paired and operated in the Home app”.

Now before you go out and start buying up loads of Yeelight Light Strips, this would seem to be a newer product than the ones that are currently available, although we can’t be 100% certain at this point. The Yeelight light strip that is available right now doesn’t list HomeKit as a compatible option, only Mijia/ mi Home, along with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (via the Yeelight app).

Add to this the fact that the plug and controller look different in the image above compared to the current Yeelight Light Strip, and it’s fair to conclude that they’re not the same product. Additionally, some available products use the name ‘Yeelight Aurora Light Strip Plus’, so it’s quite difficult to discern the actual differences. Having said that, we’ve seen plenty of instances where a product design has changed, with no corresponding change in either marketing materials or in-app imagery.

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