UAG launches new $60-$70 nylon and leather Apple Watch straps with rugged designs

UAG, known for making military spec rated cases for iPhone, iPad, and more is out with its first Apple Watch bands today. The company has two offerings both focused on durability with rugged designs, the Leather Watch Strap and the nylon Active Watch Strap.

UAG announced the new Apple Watch straps in a press release today. Here’s how the company describes the highly durable nylon Active Watch Strap priced at $60:

Designed to be one of the strongest straps on the market, the Active Strap provides customers the peace of mind to take their Apple Watch along on the most rigorous activities. Sporting stainless steel custom hardware and a hook & loop fastener security, the Active Strap allows for you to dive deeper, surf longer, and play harder with your Apple Watch.

Meanwhile the Leather Strap offers high-quality materials at a reasonable price of $70.

The Leather Strap, the most premium of the straps, is built exclusively for the modern wanderer. Designed with soft leather, stainless steel custom hardware, and a unique snapping collar, the strap offers refined protection that can keep up with your daily grind.

The Active Watch Strap is available in three colors: midnight (camo), orange and black. The Leather Strap is sold in brown or black.

The new Apple Watch Straps are available direct from UAG as well as Amazon.

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