Renders offer early look at 2019 iPhone XR with two cameras

iPhone XR 2019 render
Looks familiar, doesn’t it?
Photo: PriceBaba/OnLeaks

New renders offer Apple fans an early glimpse at the rumored 2019 iPhone XR with an additional rear-facing camera.

The images, which are allegedly based on leaked information, show a significantly larger camera bump on the back of the device. But no obvious changes to its front.

Apple is expected to deliver huge camera improvements with this year’s iPhone refresh.

The successors to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are expected to get a third sensor that will allow for super-wide angle photography. The new iPhone XR is expected to get a second.

Now we have an idea of what the latter might look like.

2019 iPhone XR could look a lot like this

The images, published by PriceBaba and OnLeaks, indicate the 2019 iPhone XR will look very similar to its predecessor. Its front suggests no design changes whatsoever.

On the back of the device, however, a big improvement is obvious.

There is a much larger camera bump in the top-left corner of the handset that houses two camera sensors, an LED flash, and a microphone. The glass that surrounds it all is colored to match that of the back panel of the phone.

An accompanying report claims this particular iPhone will be named the “iPhone XE.” Its siblings are expected to be named the “iPhone XI” and “iPhone XI Max.”

They’re just renders

It’s important to note these are only renders, and it’s unclear what exactly they are based on. Previous renders of Apple’s next-generation handsets have been based on leaked CAD files, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

With that being the case, the final design of the next iPhone XR could be very different. However, it seems unlikely Apple will change its hardware drastically, so these mockups are probably a pretty accurate representation.

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