No, Apple’s Mac won’t become a locked-down platform like iOS

“As macOS and iOS keep getting closer in terms of functionality (including low-level fundamentals and a shared software platform), I hear a lot of fear from Mac users who are concerned that the Mac is in danger of becoming a locked-down platform that will lose a lot of the capabilities that advanced users have come to expect from their devices,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld.

“The security philosophy Apple has nurtured over the past decade as it has built iOS is one that’s based on strictly limiting what third-party software can do, in turn limiting what users are able to do,” Snell writes. “But I’m optimistic that Apple isn’t planning on barring Mac power users from some of the best things about using a Mac, and there are many ways Apple can create a fundamentally more secure platform without destroying its appeal.”

“Despite the fear that the introduction of the Mac App Store meant that Apple would eventually limit the Mac software market to App Store apps only, that has never happened,” Snell writes. “Apple has also spent the last few years finding alternate paths to offer software security outside of the Mac App Store—an approach that I doubt the company would bother with if it was planning on dropping the hammer and killing all non-App Store apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From what we see and hear, the fears of the Mac becoming a locked-down platform are unfounded.

We like that Apple is focused on making the Mac as safe and secure as possible out of the box. More experienced users can and will continue to be able to turn off security features and install third-party software to their hearts’ content.

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