Mac browser shootout: Microsoft Edge vs. Apple Safari vs. Google Chrome vs. Mozilla’s Firefox

“You can now download and run the web browser Microsoft Edge on your Mac, albeit in a developer test version that hasn’t even been granted an official beta test. Yet it’s a remarkably, surprisingly solid app even in this pre-launch edition,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Even that we already know that its missing a couple of key features, still you can get a feel for whether Microsoft Edge is worth replacing Safari as your main browser.”

“If you were thinking of moving from Safari and didn’t want to risk a pre-beta developer version of Microsoft Edge, you could download Chrome and you would get pretty much the same feel,” Gallagher writes. “Microsoft Edge currently takes up around a third less disk space than Google’s offer. But then if you’re tight on space, Safari is a head-scratching is-that-really-right ten times smaller than Edge.”

“Those of us who happen to prefer Safari to, for instance, Chrome, already know that we aren’t really that likely to make the move to Edge,” Gallagher writes. “It’s good that we have the option, though we have to be aware that it’s practically an accident of birth that means we get a Mac version of Edge only because there’s a Mac version of Google’s Chromium system.”

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