Apple Watch Series 4 wins Display of the Year award

App Home Screen Apple Watch Series 4
An industry trade group dedicated to displays says the Apple Watch Series 4 has an outstanding one.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

The Society for Information Display (SID) gave the most recent Apple Watch its highest honor, naming it one of several Displays of the Year.

This award is given to “products with the most significant technological advances and/or outstanding features.”

In announcing the 2019 Display Industry Award winners, SID said of Apple’s wearable introduced last fall, “The display is the defining feature of Apple Watch, and Series 4 pushes that feature farther than ever. The challenge for designers was to make the display bigger without noticeably increasing the size of the case or compromising the battery life. Narrower borders enable a viewing area that’s more than 30 percent larger.”

In addition, the trade group complimented new technology in this wrist computer, stating “a new display technology called LTPO improves power efficiency, helping users get through the day on a single charge.”

The other 2019 Displays of the Year aren’t rival smartwatches or even phones or laptops. Instead, SID gave this award to Samsung’s The Wall as well as Sony’s Crystal LED Display System, both of which are types of microLED displays. Apple investigating employing microLED in future iPhone models.

Society for Information Display appreciates Apple

Apple wins frequent accolades from this group. Last year’s Display Industry Awards gave top honors to the second-generation iPad Pro.

They also listed the iPhone X as one of its Display Applications of the Year. The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar won this same award in 2017. It is “granted for novel and outstanding applications of a display, where the display itself is not necessarily a new device.”

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