When your iPhone 8 case is also your wallet

The iPhone 8 is already something you need to carry with you everywhere, so lugging around both your wallet and your iPhone can make for some extra bulky pockets or a lot of space taken up in your bag or purse. We’ve rounded up the best wallet cases for iPhone 8 to help you cut down on space and up the convenience.


Vena vCommute

Vena’s vCommute is my favorite wallet case simply because it’s cool as hell. It’s a little thicker than some cases, but it provides fairly rugged protection, and the magnetic back closure is convenient and functional — hiding your cards and doubling as a handy kickstand.

$25 at Amazon

No Front Cover

Spigen Slim Armor CS

If you’re looking for a slimmer option without the front cover, then check out Spigen’s Slim Armor CS, which features a sliding door on the back that hides the wallet compartment. This case features a layer of shock-absorbent TPU, which is flexible and prevents scratches, as well as an outer layer of hard polycarbonate plastic, which protects against bumps and drops.

$18 at Amazon

Cheap and simple

Abacus 24-7

It’s your classic flip case, with pockets for three cards in the front cover, along with a larger pocket for cash. Your iPhone 8 sits in a bumper case on the backside of the case. The magnetic closure is strong, and when you flip it back, the front cover becomes a kickstand.

$10 at Amazon

Gorgeous Stitching


Dreem’s wallet case is another cool one, featuring Dreem’s circular logo on the back, and some really lovely stitching. What’s really rad is that you can take your phone right out of the wallet case, and there’s still an awesome PU leather bumper case to protect your phone — it’s two cases in one.

$40 at Amazon

Textured for Extra Grip

Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Leave your wallet at home and slide your credit cards and ID into the back of this TPU case. You can fit up to three cards and the silicone holds your cards tight, which is ideal since the slot is open, unlike the vCommute or Spigen Slim Armor CS. That just means you have constant easy access to the cards you need most.

$15 at Amazon

Corner Protection


Lameeku’s wallet case blends the classic wallet case and the new back-wallet cases with a protective silicone bumper and leather back, which features a large pocket. Inside the large pocket is a leather slider that features your three card pockets. The handy tab lets you pull out your cards so that you don’t have to fiddle with things in the already busy supermarket line.

$15 at Amazon

Slim and stylish

WenBelle Blazer series

Made with durable leather, the WenBelle Blazer series case has three card slots and a clear ID pouch on the inside so you can carry your most important belongings. Plus, the WenBelle Blazer series case is quite thin meaning you don’t have to worry about carrying around a brick in your pocket.

$13 at Amazon

Tons of colors

Arae wallet case

Lots of wallet cases stick to the same boring neutral tones, but the Arae wallet case comes in various colors, meaning you can find a more classic look or go for something bright and bold. Plus, it has room for four cards and a couple of bills, features a carrying strap, and can function as a kickstand for your iPhone 8.

$20 at Amazon

Luxury option

Twelve South Journal

Available in either black or cognac colors, the Twelve South Journal for the iPhone 8 features real premium leather that surrounds your iPhone entirely. It has a front cover that has three card slots and a clear ID card slot so your bank cards, credit cards, and driver’s license can be with you anywhere.

$70 at Amazon

Budget option

Maxboost wallet

This PU leather case comes in two colors: Black and Rose Gold (which is close to light pink). The folio portion holds three cards plus cash and it folds back into a kickstand. A triangular magnetic flap holds the folio closed when not in use.

$9 at Amazon

Carry everything you need

Wallet cases are a great way to save on space in your pockets, purse, or bag, and are perfect for allowing you to carry around the essentials.

I’m a big fan of the Vena vCommute because its unique and multi-functional design means I’m capable of doing so much more with my iPhone 8 than with other cases.

We can’t discount the more traditional style and premium look that a case like the Dreem, but if that;s too rich for your blood, the Maxboost wallet is a great case that costs under $10!

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