Tinder Introduces Festival Mode

Tinder has announced a new Festival Mode that lets you check out and match with people attending the same event.

Claim your festival on your profile, see who’s going where, and find your crowd before you get there. Trust us on this one, if you haven’t done the festival scene with Tinder before, you’ll never even think about doing it without us again.

Tinder Introduces Festival Mode

How It Works:
Get on Tinder and look for the Festival Mode card. Match with it to add your festival badge to your profile, and see who’s going where. From there, you can check out everyone else going to that festival, so you can match and chat before you make your flower crown.

Festival Mode will begin rolling out on Tinder starting May 1, 2019 for the participating festivals listed below. Users will have access to their event-specific badges approximately three weeks prior to the start of each event. When in Festival Mode, you may get access to exclusive VIP upgrades, swag, and more.

You can download Tinder from the App Store at the link below…


Tinder Introduces Festival Mode

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