Microsoft Offers Split Second Look at Edge Browser for macOS [Video]

Microsoft offered a split second look at the upcoming Edge browser for macOS today in a video touting some of the application’s new features.

In December, Microsoft announced plans to move Edge to the Chromium platform, a decision that was somewhat controversial. At the company’s Build Developer conference today, Microsoft shared a bit more on how the new browser will simplify development and improve productivity for consumers, developers, and enterprises.

To help organize the chaos of tabs and windows, Microsoft is introducing Collections.

Collections is designed to tackle this challenge, using cloud-powered intelligence and an intuitive interface to help you collect, organize, and share content as you travel across the web. Intelligent export to apps like Word and Excel preserves the logical structure of your content, so you can turn a loose collection of paragraphs into a handout with citations, or turn a shopping list into a spreadsheet sortable by price.

There’s also a new privacy dashboard.

Our privacy dashboard concept allows users to choose from clearly labelled preset levels of information sharing, which will automatically configure the browser to protect users, with options to configure the exposure to third party tracking and the impact to site compatibility.

For developers, Microsoft is offering built-in tools based on Chromium DevTools.

Our new developer tools are more powerful than ever, built on the Chromium DevTools for a familiar and capable experience. The built-in tools can now inspect and debug any Microsoft Edge-powered web content, whether it’s in the browser, PWAs, or even in a WebView, with a consistent experience across all these targets.

An Internet Explorer compatibility mode will be available for enterprise customers.

For our enterprise customers, we announced a new Internet Explorer mode that brings full IE11 compatibility to Microsoft Edge for your internal sites, without compromising the modern web experience on the public internet.

Microsoft says it will share builds for macOS and previous versions of Windows in the near future. For now you can take a very brief peak at the browser in the video below!

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