Little-known iPhone features you should start using

“You probably think you know your iPhone well,” Leif Johnson writes for Macworld. “After all, these days we probably look at our phones more than we look at our loved ones.”

“But the truth is, even those of us who’ve remained loyal to Apple’s handset since 2007 can still be surprised by the tricks in each new version of iOS,” Johnson writes. “The biggest ones get explained in the tutorials for the heftiest patches, but many others must be coaxed out of the Settings app.”

“I’m a big admirer of Face ID, but unfortunately it makes it easy for someone to unlock your iPhone against your will by merely holding it up to your face. If you know you’re about to be in a situation where this might be an issue, you can disable Face ID in about three seconds,” Johnson writes. “To do this, hold down at the same time the side button (on the right) and either the up or down volume buttons on the left for about two seconds. Even if you’re not looking at your phone, a sharp vibration will let you know it worked.”

Ten more tips in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Enabling the one-handed keyboard is something we actually use as it works very well and is especially useful on larger iPhones like the XS Max.

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