Apple challenges customers to ‘do one last great thing’ with iPhone in new trade-in video

Apple is continuing its iPhone trade-in push today with a new ad imploring users to “do one last great thing with your iPhone.” Apple’s pitch is that by trading in your iPhone, it can be refurbished and sold to someone else, or recycled in a responsible manner.

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In the video, Apple explains that when it comes time to upgrade your iPhone, one of the the easiest things to do is trade it in. Doing this allows the device to be refurbished and “put back into the world,” or recycled in way that “respects the planet.”

Here’s the pitch Apple makes in the 1-minute long ad:

You’ve done great things with your iPhone. But at some point, you’ll be ready for something new. You can easily trade it in with Apple, so it can be refurbished and put back into the world, so someone new can do their own great things with it.

But if your device is at the very end of its life, materials inside will be recovered and recycled. Either way, you can continue to do what you love, while respecting the planet.

During its Q2 2019 earnings call last month, Apple touted that it recorded a record number of iPhone trade-ins during the quarter. Apple has significantly increased its focus on iPhone trade-ins this year as a way of counteracting slowing iPhone upgrade rates.

Apple has routinely been promoting its iPhone trade-in programs through Apple․com, as well as through signs in its retail stores. Its most common tactic has been advertising the lower iPhone monthly payments you can secure when you trade-in your older device.

Watch Apple’s new ad below and let us know what you think of it down in the comments.

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