This $13 Tech2 cable is the last Lightning cable you’ll ever need to buy

Do you still have that plain white Lightning cable that came with your iPhone when you first bought it? Unless you have a brand new phone, chances are your original Lightning cable is long gone. However, if you keep buying Apple’s lightning cable, or any rubber cable in general, you’re going to end up with a sad piece of useless tech after a few months. If you’re tired of replacing Lightning cables over and over, you’ll need this $12.99 metal-braided Tech2 cable.

The Tech2 is an MFi-Certified Lightning cable which allows you to charge and sync any device with a Lightning port. While Apple’s stock Lightning cables are made out of flimsy rubber, the Tech2 uses a metal braiding to provide maximum durability, so you don’t have to deal with fraying or tearing. Finally, the Tech2 comes in a vibrant iridescent color scheme, so you’ll never have trouble finding it when you’re in a hurry.

If you’re tired of your Lightning cables ripping and tearing, the Tech2 will be the last cable you’ll ever have to purchase and can buy it here for just $12.99, or 48% off.


Tech2 MFI Metal Charge & Sync Lightning Cable – $12.99

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