Angela Ahrendts gives first interview since leaving Apple

Via the Hello Monday podcast:

How do you balance calculated decision-making with trusting your gut?

This episode, hear Angela Ahrendts talk with host Jessi Hempel about how following her intuition has shaped her career, from Burberry to Apple.

Featuring reporting from LinkedIn’s senior news editor Maya Pope-Chappell.

More info and listen to the podcast here.

MacDailyNews Take:

What I wanted to do was, not take it as my lessons, I wanted to take it as the lessons that I learned from 70,000 people. And so, the three lessons that I got from them were:

1. Never forget where you came from… When I can in at Apple, I’d go out in the field and they’d talk about, “Well, Steve said our job was to enrich lives and Steve said this and, right, and I could have thrown all that out, but, no let’s codify that and protect that.

2. Move faster than you could ever fathom because the [team] is waiting.

3. Never forget that you have a greater responsibility. That it is not just about operating stores. It is not just about selling phones. You have a much greater responsibility and maybe that’s what Steve meant when he talked about enriching lives.

…Be selfless and you will make an incredible impact. — Angela Ahrendts

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