Linus is wrong about Macs being slower than PCs

“I learn a lot from Linus Tech Tips. His opinions are often very different than my own but he’s incredibly knowledgable and passionate and, whether I ultimately end up agreeing with him or not, the process forces me to evaluate, re-evaluate, and learn,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. “And that’s absolutely the case with one of his latest videos: Macs are Slower Than PCs video. And Why.”

“He’s wrong about almost everything in the video and the one thing he’s right about, that the thermals prevent maximum performance, applies to similarly designed PCs as well, which makes it decidedly not a Mac thing at all,” Ritchie writes.

“Now, yes, if we want to artificially constrain the conversation to maximum sustained performance, as though clock speed exists in a vacuum, that the speed benefits of the other components, of macOS and Final Cut Pro X, of everything else doesn’t matter, then sure: Apple could make different design compromises to prioritize that. But it wouldn’t be for free,” Ritchie writes. “It would cost those other compromises, including size, weight, and fan noise, compromises that might not appeal to the vast majority of Apple’s customers.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

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