4+ Ways You’re Killing Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Since iOS 11.3, Apple’s given you the capability to gain a great deal of insight into your iPhone’s overall battery health. As your battery’s health decreases, so does its maximum capacity. It’s important to be mindful of this so that your battery can last as long as possible.

iPhone batteries are good until their health decreases to about 80%, which is equal to roughly 500 charge cycles. But what is a charge cycle, you ask? Each time your battery collectively discharges 100%, that counts as one charge cycle.

Let’s say you leave for work in the morning, and your battery is at 100%. When you get home, it’s at 50%. Then tomorrow you repeat the same thing; 50+50=100, that’s equal to one charge cycle.

So now that we know how the iPhone’s battery health works, let’s dive into things you can do to prevent your battery from draining so quickly each day. Continue reading to learn 4 Ways You’re Killing Your iPhone’s Battery Life.