RFID-blocking products are practically worthless. Here’s why

“We’ve all heard of RFID skimming right?” Simon Hill reports for Digital Trends. “It’s where criminals with RFID readers sneak up behind us and scan the credit card or passport in our pocket or bag to steal information they can use for fraudulent transactions or identity theft.”

“The thre at of RFID skimming has given rise to an enormous industry of RFID-blocking products,” Hill reports. “It’s a standard feature in smart wallets, and you can even buy shirts and jeans with RFID blocking pockets built in. The question is: Are they worth buying?”

“‘No, they’re a waste of money,’ Roger Grimes, data-driven defense evangelist at KnowBe4, told Digital Trends. ‘You shouldn’t spend one cent. There has still to this day not been a report of a single real-world crime that an RFID blocking product would have stopped,’” Hill reports. “In theory, criminals can buy readers for less than $100 and then sneak up behind people and scan their pockets or bags… But there’s a problem with this supposition. ‘The information that’s actually stored and transmitted on the card is not enough to complete a transaction anymore,’ Grimes said. ‘That changed many years ago.’”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s no harm is using these RFID-blocking products, just no benefit, either.