Google’s wireless phone service adds Visual Voicemail for iOS

Google Fi 1
Have you tried Google Fi yet?
Photo: Google

Google brought its wireless phone service, Google Fi, to iPhone late last year. Now it’s given it an update — bringing Visual Voicemail to the iOS app for the first time.

That means that you can get information on the caller, call date, call length and preview of the transcribed message inside the app. This interface easily allows you to expand the preview to read the full message or hear the audio.

The Google Fi 1.5 update also adds some minor tweaks in the form of bug fixes. There are additionally subtle modifications of animations and transitions within the app. The result should make the experience of using Google Fi better for customers.

What’s a Google Fi?

For those unfamiliar with it, Google Fi (previously Project Fi) is a wireless phone plan designed using the latest Google technology. Prices start at $20 perm month for unlimited calls and texts. Data costs $10 per GB up to 6 GB, after which your bill and data is free for the rest of the month.

Technically, Google Fi is still in beta and may not work on all iPhones — although it is available in 170 countries. You can find out more information on the Google website.

Have you tried Google Fi before? You can download it and give it a go at the link below.

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