Apple’s famous design team now has no original members left

“Recent departures from Apple’s Industrial Design group mean that no one remains from the original group that began to turn around Apple’s fortunes,” William Gallagher reports for AppleInsider. “And, only two members who joined a year later are still with Apple — although one of those is Jony Ive.”

“One of the people leaving, Daniele De Iuliis, has been there 28 years and counts the Mac Color Classic among his projects. Rico Zorkendorfer, who appears to have worked on the iPhone and Apple Watch amongst other products, is leaving after 15 years,” Gallagher reports. “And Miklu Silvanto, known for working on the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch, has been at Apple for eight years. The fourth person, reportedly leaving shortly, is Julian Honig, and he’s been at Apple since 2010.”

“It’s believed that there are now between 20 and 22 people in ID,” Gallagher reports. “Some jobs in the various design departments are lying open for months. Apple is apparently not getting the quality of applicants it wants, and this year it’s lost four key designers from its most crucial department. Whether the attrition will be a problem remains to be seen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s simply the natural course of things.

We have incredible new designers — a new generation. What we’ve been able to do the last few decades will continue. The talent is there. — Rico Zorkendorfer, April 2019

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