Apple’s conference call drops hints on the future of Macintosh, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch

“Apple’s quarterly financial conference calls are always an opportunity to peer into the minds of a company that is famously tight-lipped about its intentions,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “And while most attempts to suss out future plans from the Cupertino-based company are met with an weary sigh and a polite dismissal, Apple is not above letting details of its own choosing slip out.”

“Plenty of folks have already taken notice of Apple throwing its longtime processor partner Intel under the bus. Twice during the call, Apple executives mentioned that the biggest challenge facing the Mac product line in the March quarter was a constraint on processors. Worth noting there is the singularity of that information… and to call it “thinly veiled” would overstate its opacity: only one company makes processors for Macs,” Moren writes. “Currently, anyway. Rumors of an ARM-powered Mac have been floating around for some time, and its eventual appearance seems less a matter of ‘if’ than ‘when.’”

“Fully three-quarters of the people buying Apple Watches are new to the Apple Watch,” Moren writes. “Apple has managed to evolve the Watch’s appeal from a device that seemed like a luxury to something that your average person might pick up, even without the excuse of a holiday purchase. That bodes well for the device as it barrels on towards its fifth birthday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’d sure like to see the iPad, or at least the iPad Pro, get supercharged on the software front with iOS 13’s reveal at WWDC in June!

Such a move on Apple’s part would go a long way toward further revving up iPad sales and getting the future of personal computing into many more of Joe and Jane Public’s hands who are currently still doing the overkill thing with MacBooks and crappy Windows PC laptops. Car drivers should be driving cars, not trucks.