Sprint now offers Apple-certified, same-day, in-store iPhone screen repairs

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It’s shocking how common cracked smartphone screens are. Sometimes they’re nearly invisible hairline breaks that leave your phone pretty functional. Other times, they’re spider webs of destruction, with tiny shards of glass coming loose.

There are plenty of good reasons to fix your broken iPhone screen, but many of us put off repairs. Maybe it’s the high cost of fixing the screen, or the inconvenience of schlepping the iPhone to an Apple Store. But if you’re a Sprint customer, you now have one less excuse for living with a shattered screen.

Sprint recently became the first national carrier to offer Apple-certified, same-day screen repairs in its stores. That means instead of them sending your phone out for a screen repair, you can now get an Apple-approved fix in more than 400 U.S. Sprint stores while you wait. And if you purchase device protection through the Sprint Complete program, the iPhone screen repair will cost a mere $29.

Typically, you must add this service within 30 days of device activation or upgrade. However, during the current open-enrollment period, anyone can sign up, so long as your device is in good working order and not currently in need of repair or replacement.

Sprint Complete: Fast, affordable iPhone repairs

Sprint Complete means never having to live with a cracked screen. Sprint Complete offers the most comprehensive repair options of the four big U.S. wireless networks.

Aside from quick $29 screen repairs, the new service includes a next-day replacement perk.

That means that if you lose your device, a new one will arrive as soon as the following business day.

Plus, beyond repair and replacement, you’ll enjoy a bevy of consumer-friendly services available through a suite of apps:

  • Access live tech support via the Sprint Complete app. It offers help setting up your new device, plus loads of tech assistance and advice to get it running better. That includes smart home consultation.
  • Get unlimited cloud storage via the Sprint Complete Storage app.
  • Utilize password management tools via the Sprint Complete Security app to protect your accounts and your identity.

Now’s the time to sign up

Jump on this deal during Sprint Complete's limited-time open enrollment.
Jump on this deal during Sprint Complete’s limited-time open enrollment.
Image: Sprint Complete

If you’re a Sprint customer, you can tap all these new resources to keep your iPhone looking and working great.

However, open enrollment will only be available for a limited time. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, but you should do it soon. You can do so by visiting a Sprint store or by calling 1-800-Sprint1. Get more details at sprintcomplete.com.