Is Apple News+ worth $9.99 a month?

“It’s been hugely hyped and roundly criticized, but after more than a month’s intensive use, Apple News+ has proved to have very specific good and bad features,” William Gallagher writes for AppleInsider. “Before you sign up, or before you cancel, here’s a true Pro/Con list for Apple News+.”

“Any service’s quality and worth is always going to be subjective. Yet still there are definite pluses and minuses which can help you reach the only important issue that matters —whether Apple News+ is right for you,” Gallagher writes. “Being able to always get the latest issue is a big point in favor of Apple News+ because if you’re interested in even one title, you’re getting it faster than through the mail. If you’re regularly interested in more than one, the $9.99 US or $12.99 Canadian subscription cost is a bargain.”

“With such a mass of material and such a range, it’s extremely unlikely that there won’t be anything you want to read — but finding it is hard,” Gallagher writes. “It’s also buggy. At times, if you search for a magazine title, you may get just a topic page. That’s a collection of news articles and it’s typically what you’d see if a publisher doesn’t want to put the entire issue onto the service. And yet if you search again, you can end up with that topic page plus the issues at the top.”

“It feels oddly as if Apple News+ is in a nascent, still-forming stage,” Gallagher writes. “When we count the irritations, it doesn’t feel great at all —yet when we then remember the hours we’ve spent engrossed in it, it does.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple News+ is a work in progress for sure, but it’s a great value that’s easily worth the $9.99/month subscription fee!

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