Nintendo Switch has tons of games to enjoy with your family

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for family fun. There are tons of games that are not just good for kids in tone, but also in how easy they are to learn and play. Plus, the games are often appropriate for all ages, so whether it’s little Jimmy or grandma Joyce joining in, your family night can accommodate everyone.

Many of its games can support up to four people, and they can easily join in by using Joy-Cons as little gaming controllers. If you’re considering a Nintendo Switch for family fun, these are the games that need to be on your radar.

★ Featured favorite

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Over 70 of gaming’s most iconic characters from Nintendo, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, and more have been packed into the same game, and they’re all looking for a fight. Up to 8 people can battle in this party brawler for the ages.

$50 at Amazon

Catch ‘Em All

Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee

Pokemon has always been a social game, but only for people trading and battling each other. With the launch of Pokemon: Let’s Go, those games let you and your loved ones catch them all together.

$45 at Amazon

I’ll Race Ya!

Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Few games are as synonymous with “family fun” as Mario Kart is. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe delivers the fun kart-racing experience we all know and love with updated visuals and a windfall of new content.

$60 at Amazon

Party Time!

Super Mario Party

This is the ultimate family game. Super Mario Party is back with over 80 game modes that up to four people can enjoy. You can play 1 vs 3, 2 vs 2, or have a full-on 4-player battle royale in a collection of mini-games that never seem to get old.

$50 at Amazon

Dinner’s Ready

Overcooked! 2

This game actually won an award for being the best family game to launch on Nintendo Switch in 2018. And that’s for good reason — it puts one of the biggest family activities in video game form as an epic cooperative effort. You and your family will be racing around the kitchen trying to serve all the hungry guests.

$39 at Amazon

Game Show

Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox Party Pack is one of those games which still provide that old time family game show feeling. There are five games, including trivia, truth or not, drawing, and fill-in-the-blank. And up to eight people can play — that’s more controllers than the Switch actually supports, but extras can play using their smartphones and tablets!

$25 at Nintendo

It’s-a Me!

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey isn’t a family game in the same sense as most other games on this list. It has limited co-operative gameplay for up to two people but is mostly a single player affair. That doesn’t stop it from being perfect for the family, though, with plenty of puzzles and levels that your loved ones can help each other through.

$59 at Amazon

Work Together

Snipperclips Plus: Cut it out, Together!

Snipperclips is a game whose charm is hard to match. This puzzle game gives you that scrapbook feeling as you and your family solve unique puzzles together. Grab three others and see if you can work together to beat each level!

$29 at Amazon

More Party Games!

1-2 Switch

As if you needed even more party games, 1-2 Switch still remains one of the coolest games out for Nintendo Switch. There are 28 mini-games ranging from cow milking and sword fighting to a wild west quick draw duel.

$42 at Amazon

An eggscellent adventure

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World is an adorable puzzle platformer adventure that’s friendly enough for the entire family to enjoy. Take control of Yoshi and friends as they search a beautiful world made of everyday crafting materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper cups, for clues to a fabled artifact. There is even two-player co-op mode, so two people in the family can play and enjoy together.

$50 at Amazon

Put your arms into it


ARMS is a unique fighting game that focuses on motion controls with the Joy-Cons. Pick your fighter from a colorful and bright roster of distinctive fighters, each with their own unique ARM capabilities. Every arena stage is also full of obstacles, making the battles even more epic. It’s definitely a fighting game that is unlike anything you’ve played before, and it’s wholesome fun for everyone.

$50 at Amazon

Game, set, match!

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces is a great sports game for the family, even if you aren’t usually a tennis fan. You can play with up to three other people in the room for a doubles match, or even progress through the single player mode and other challenges. Pick your favorite Nintendo character and show off your tennis moves with some flair as you swing your way to the top.

$50 at Amazon

Classic Mario style

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Have some spare Joy-Cons laying around? Then up to four other people can join the fun in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe! There are over 164 classic platforming stages to get through in two main game modes, and the replay value is high with even more game modes to unlock. Pick your favorite Mario character and use their unique abilities and traits that affect gameplay to make it all the way to the end of each level. It’s perfect family fun for everyone.

$55 at Amazon

Like a star

Kirby Star Allies

Up to four people can play Kirby Star Allies at a time, so this is a great game for the entire family to play together. Control Kirby and use friend hearts to charm foes, and they’ll fight alongside you, giving you access to their own unique Copy abilities too. You can even combine some abilities with elements, giving you an edge in battle against some bosses who are weak to certain elements. It’s up to you and your friends to find out what those weaknesses are!

$50 at Amazon

Time to get fit

Fitness Boxing

Working out can be a chore, but it can be a lot more fun when done with a friend or even family member. Fitness Boxing features various boxing-based rhythmic experiences that you can do solo or with a friend. The game also lets you create your own custom fitness goals, and when you play with someone else, you can either work out together cooperatively or face off against each other in a virtual boxing ring. This game makes exercising with someone much more fun.

$42 at Amazon

Use your imagination


Anyone with a creative mind should be playing Minecraft, and it’s perfect for the family. Explore an open sandboxed world where you can collect resources from the environment or enemies and use it to build pretty much anything you want. Up to eight players can play together via online, and your creations can be shared with anyone.

$28 at Amazon

Turf war

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 is a family-friendly shooter that will even appeal to people who don’t like shooters. Rather than have the objective be getting as many kills as possible, it’s mostly about inking your turf in Splatoon 2 matches. Whichever team paints in the most turf in a match will win, and the kills on the other team are just a bonus. There is also a single player campaign and other game modes to check out. Splatoon 2 is a family-friendly shooter that is super cute and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age.

$50 at Amazon

Dance off!

Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2019 is packed with a huge assortment of songs, so there is sure to be something in here for everyone to dance to. There are eight exclusive choreographies created exclusively for this game to help encourage healthy movement for developing children. Up to six people can join in a game of Just Dance 2019, so it’s great for family fun.

$20 at Amazon

Ultimate family fun

Family games on Nintendo Switch might as well be an endless list. There is something for everyone, young and old. Our picks all deliver loads of fun for everyone gathered around the TV. They’re perfect for all ages, and just as with anything in life, they get better the more people you add! There are a lot of family friendly titles on the Nintendo Switch, but these are just some of the best ones that you can get.

If we were to make any recommendations, our absolute favorite is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It features the a roster of every fighter that’s been available in past Smash games, and there are dozens of stages to boot. Plus, there are several game modes to enjoy, along with the ever-popular online mode against other players from the globe, so you can see who is the best Smash fighter.

Another great choice is Super Mario Odyssey because it’s a totally fresh new Mario game where you can explore brand new worlds. Plus, Cappy makes it possible to take control of various things in the environment, which leads to cool discoveries.

And finally, we highly recommend Yoshi’s Crafted World. Mostly because Yoshi is cute as heck, but the world made from everyday crafting materials is absolutely stunning to look at. Plus, there are a ton of secrets to discover as you search for the collectible artifact, and the replay value is high.