Speck’s GrabTab accessory has over 90 designs so you can pick your favorite

Handle and stand in one.

Speck’s GrabTab is a slim grip accessory that rests neatly on the back of your phone and gives you a secure hold. It works on any device of any size. My wife has a similar device, but it’s not a GrabTab, and the problem is her version is so thick the phone has a hard time with wireless charging. Speck’s GrabTab isn’t like that. The tab slides down and forms just a thin piece that’s only 3mm thick on the back of your phone’s case when it’s not in use so you can still easily place your phone on a wireless charger at night. The holding loop serves a second function as well since you can rest the phone on it like a built-in stand.

Each GrabTab retails for $10 and comes with free shipping or $5 two-day shipping as long as you’re in the U.S. You can also find a few of the new designs, as well as older more simple designs, on Speck’s Amazon page. Now Speck has introduced several new series. The brand new collections feature more than 90 designs with different colors and patterns so you can find one that fits your personality best.

The new collections include:

  • Neon Nights – Dark grips with neon patterns, embrace your sci-fi future or the 80s skate rink
  • Fine Arts – Abstract art, pretty flowers, designs that aren’t too specific
  • Animal Kingdom – Doggies, and kitties, and leopards… Oh my!
  • Fun with Food – Macaroons, jelly beans, ice cream, and more
  • Cosmic – Planets, moons, galaxies… let’s hope they add the M87 black hole
  • Camo – For when you take your phone out hunting probably
  • Chakra – Peaceful, colorful designs
  • Basic – Simple, clean designs that include common imagery like cameras or bikes (also pure black for the true Basics among you)

Remember these accessories use a universal design so one size fits all, no matter what phone you’re using. They also come with a 30-day Unconditional Guarantee from Speck.

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