Ingress: The Animation debuts on Netflix worldwide starting today

The anticipated anime series has arrived.

Last November with the launch of Ingress Prime, fans were teased with an anime show and told the Japanese series would be coming to Netflix someday. Well, that day has finally come as Ingress: The Animation is debuting worldwide on Netflix starting today.

With the worldwide launch of the series on Netflix, Ingress fans now have a new way to interact with the popular AR game without even leaving their couches. The series follows two main characters, Makato who can see the history of objects he touches, and Sarah who can see certain aspects of time and space. There’s also a third character named Jack, but little is known about him right now.

Ingress: The Animation is based on the popular AR game Ingress created by Niantic. It launched over six years ago and uses a unique style of location-based gameplay. By combining the GPS capabilities of your phone and augmented reality, Ingress encouraged players to gather around real-world locations and team up for control of portals leaking Exotic Matter.

If the gameplay style sounds familiar, it should. Niantic is the team behind ever-popular Pokemon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but it was Ingress that laid the groundwork for both of these games. All of the Ingress fans and players are what helped shape the future of location-based games, and it’ll be really interesting to see how the Ingress world transitions to this new medium.

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