Unlock Creative Lighting with Apollo: Immersive Illumination [Sponsor]

With Apollo: Immersive Illumination, you can unlock unlimited creativity over a single Portrait mode photo with the app’s powerful relighting tools. Apollo enables an infinite number of lighting variations that let you create a dull, dark, spooky, magical, or night club feel to your images. But Apollo isn’t only about theming your photos. You can also create more natural effects by removing lighting from areas of an image, highlighting faces with low emissive lights, or adding other subtle lighting effects.

Apollo sees photos as 3D scenes but hides the technical complexities of the process behind elegant single-finger interactions that allow users to focus on the adjustments to their pictures, which update in real-time. Up to 30 virtual light sources and adjustments to their position, brightness, color, and spread can be applied to a single photo. You can apply masks that alter emitted light and color and adjust parameters like shadow intensity, the range of lighting effects, progressive background removal, and fog effects. Apollo’s features are constantly refined and new ones are added all the time after thorough testing to ensure they work across a wide range of iPhone models and wow users.

To see exactly what Apollo can do for your Portrait mode photos, check out its Twitter and Instagram accounts which are full of stunning examples of the app in action.

Download the Apollo on the App Store today to open a new world of creative lighting for your Portrait photos. Apollo is a one time paid up-front app. There are no In-App Purchases or subscriptions.

Also, just for MacStories readers, Apollo is giving away 51 promo codes for the app that can be redeemed in the App Store. The codes are available on a first-come, first served basis, so don’t wait, visit this link for a chance to win a copy of Apollo.

Thanks to Apollo for supporting MacStories this week.