Aqara Hub Added to EU Servers

With the impending release of the EU version of the Aqara Hub (it should be today in fact), the hub has now appeared as a device that can be added in the Mi Home app when setting the ‘server region’ to any of the Western European countries (and possibly Eastern Europe too).

We first reported on the EU version of the Aqara hub being listed on a couple of Swedish online retail stores back in January, and whilst at the time the US hub was still nowhere to be seen, the release of the EU version looked more certain, given the online listings, which were later updated with a specific date for availability.

Along with the updated listings, there are Mijia and Aqara sensors listed, although these have been available for a while now, due to the fact the EU version of the Mi Hub has been available, and compatible with these sensors.

Thanks to Mariusz for the tip-off.