TSMC to give top priority to Apple, vehicle chip orders

According to a new DigiTimes report, TSMC will prioritize Apple and vehicle-makers ahead of those who make crappy Windows PCs and other devices.


Cage Chao and Jessie Shen report for DigiTimes:

TSMC will give supply priorities to orders for automotive ICs and those placed by Apple in the third quarter of 2021, followed by chip orders for PCs, servers and networking devices, according to sources at fabless chipmakers.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, money talks. Apple is TSMC’s most important client and their huge volumes of Apple Silicon orders, with massive upfront payments and other investments, are to be prioritized. The lesser customers take their places later in line based on their value to TSMC.

This also means that the next-gen iPhone family is likely on-track for a normal release this year!

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It’s a great day to round out your Apple Watch band collection

Amazon Prime Day is here with some amazing deals on Apple Watch bands. I love my Apple Watch Series 6, and I enjoy accessorizing it to match my outfit each day. At these prices, you can expand your band collection without spending much money.

NAMANECER Stretchy Nylon Watch Bands | 20% off

$8 at Amazon

This lightweight, stretchy, breathable nylon band comes in loads of colors and all Apple Watch generations and sizes. The adjustable buckle allows it to fit wrists measuring anywhere from 4.5 to 9.5 inches around.

Mugust Metal Band Compatible with Apple Watch Band | 20% off

From $10 at Amazon

Get that Milanese Loop style for much, much less money. You can also choose from a wider variety of color options. The band comes in two sizes to fit every Apple Watch generation and size.

Bandiction 3-Pack Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch Bands | 20% off

$10 at Amazon

Get three colorful Nike-style bands for one crazy low price. These are fantastic for working out, since the holes make the band so breathable. Choose from tons of different color combinations, and any Apple Watch size.

OULUCCI Compatible Apple Watch Band Top Grain Leather Band Replacement Strap | 25% off

$10 at Amazon

Elevate your Apple Watch style with this classy leather band, which tapers away from the Apple Watch for a more delicate look. Choose from dozens of colors and every Apple Watch generation and size.

VEESIMI Braided Elastic Watch Band | up to 35% off

From $11 at Amazon

Similar to Apple’s Braided Solo Loop bands, these breathable, skin-friendly high-end nylon yarn interwoven with silicone threads come in a number of colors and any Apple Watch size. The buckle adjust for wrists from 4.5 to 9.5 inches.

OYODSS 5 Pack Apple Watch Band Soft Silicone Sport Replacement Strap | 20% off

$13 at Amazon

Round out your Apple Watch wardrobe with a single purchase; you get five silicone sport bands for one low price here. Choose your size and then choose from a number of different color combinations from neutrals to brights.

You can never have too many Apple Watch bands as far as I’m concerned. Prime Day is a great day to pick up some cheap Apple Watch Bands!

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London Underground to Get Full Mobile Coverage by the End of 2024

Transport for London has awarded a 20-year concession to BAI Communications to enable mobile coverage on the whole Tube network and establish a backbone of digital connectivity across London.

Uninterrupted 4G mobile coverage has already been introduced on the eastern half of the Jubilee line and will be expanded in phases to ticket halls, platforms and tunnels on the Tube network over the next three years, with all stations and tunnels due to have mobile coverage by the end of 2024. This will allow customers to check the latest travel information, keep on top of their emails and the latest news, catch up on social media, watch videos or make calls throughout their journeys.

London’s Tube tunnels will also be used to provide full fibre connectivity across the city, which can then be connected to buildings and street assets like street lighting and bus stops. This will help to further increase mobile coverage through small mobile transmitters, as well as leveraging the power of 5G to deliver city-wide improvements and future growth.

The new high-capacity fibre network will bring fibre directly into London’s neighbourhoods, creating new opportunities to serve homes and businesses with gigabit-capable speeds and supporting digital inclusion. BAI was awarded the concession after a competitive tender process. It has experience deploying communication networks in New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong.

Five million passengers a day
The London Underground network is one of the world’s largest underground networks and prior to the pandemic was used by more than five million passengers a day.

Once fully delivered, more than 2,000 kilometres of cabling are expected to be installed within tunnels and stations, all of which will be fitted outside of operational hours.

In addition to benefiting customers, providing 4G on the network will generate additional revenue for TfL across the 20-year length of the concession, as well as helping operational teams by providing better connectivity while underground.

To help reduce future disruption, TfL has already begun installing the necessary cabling within a number of stations and tunnels to help reduce the need for additional closures and ensure mobile connectivity can be introduced more easily.

This includes cabling already installed on the Jubilee and Victoria lines, as well as within the Northern Line Extension.

Work will now begin to prepare some of London’s busiest stations for mobile connectivity, including Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Bank, Euston and Camden Town, ahead of them being some of the first to be connected by the end of 2022.

More details in the full announcement linked below…

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Apple TV+ could be made to finance Canadian content if a new law passes

What you need to know

  • Canada has passed a bill that will require international streaming companies to help finance and promote Canadian content.
  • Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix, and more would all be impacted if a law comes into force.

Canada wants everyone to play by the same rules as local companies.

Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services could be forced to pump money into Canadian content as well as promote it on their services if a new law passes.

According to Bloomberg, a controversial bill has already passed that seeks to regulate streaming services in the same way as local TV companies. If it becomes law, it will mean that international streaming services will have to play by Canadian rules and promote Canadian content.

The legislation drafted by Justin Trudeau’s government, known as Bill C-10, is meant to subject tech giants to the same requirements as traditional broadcasters — effectively compelling companies like Netflix Inc. and TikTok Inc. to finance and promote Canadian content. It’s among the most far-reaching plans by governments anywhere to regulate the algorithms tech companies use to amplify or recommend content.

Canada already has a regulatory body that’s in charge of making sure local TV and radio stations don’t get all of their content from outside its borders and this new law if passed, would extend its powers to the internet.

Under the existing law, a regulatory body known as the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission certifies what is and what is not Canadian. It can also issue fines for violations starting at C$250,000 ($202,500) or even suspend a broadcaster’s license to operate. The new law would give the CRTC that same kind of power over internet companies.

It isn’t clear whether the law will pass, however. To do so, the legislation would need to work its way through the senate which could be scuppered by an election taking place. Any new government would effectively need to start the process again should that happen.

Whether or not this law does pass, Apple TV+ is on a roll in terms of content. With so much great stuff to watch shouldn’t you be watching it in style? Check out our collection of the best TVs you can buy for your next Ted Lasso fix.

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Amazon Prime Day: The Best Accessory Deals

Amazon Prime Day: The Best Apple Deals

Amazon’s annual Prime Day event has officially kicked off today, beginning 48 hours of discounts, offers, and tons of savings across Amazon’s storefront. This includes everything from home electronics to clothing, jewelry, video games, movies, and much more.
Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with these vendors. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment,…

Silicone case makes Apple TV’s new Siri Remote even more awesome

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R1 Intelli Case: This silicone case will keep your new Apple TV remote safe.
This new silicone case will keep your new Apple TV remote safe.
Photo: Elago

If the stark aluminum chassis of the new Siri Remote leaves you cold, a stylish new silicone case from Elago could warm your heart.

It’s not only about making the Apple TV remote more comfortable in your hands, though. The R1 Intelli Case packs a trick or two. And it comes in any color you want — as long as that color is “black as Steve Jobs’ turtleneck.”

This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use our links to buy items.

2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R1 Intelli Case

Gone are the days when you desperately needed a case to “fix” the Apple TV remote. A completely redesigned Siri Remote became the main highlight of this year’s Apple TV upgrade. And since the 2021 Siri Remote works with some older models, the $59.99 clicker became a mandatory upgrade for folks frustrated by the old, perplexingly flat version.

Elago made its case for the new Apple TV remote out of thick silicone to protect the pricey device. Just slide one on, and there’s no need to worry about denting the aluminum remote (or worse) if you drop it. Slightly thicker on each end than Apple’s design, the case protects the remote from dirt, dust and oil deposited by your filthy butterfingers, too.

The case comes with an optional strap to keep the remote even more secure. And Elago says it’s ergonomically designed to make it great for playing Apple Arcade games on your sweet big screen.

As with all Elago products, you can expect a snug fit that won’t get loose and sloppy over time. And the precise cutouts give you perfect access to the Siri button on the side of the remote.

Apple TV remote is even better with magnets

Elago 2021 Apple TV Siri Remote R1 Intelli Case: This Apple TV remote case comes with a superpower: magnets!
This Apple TV remote case comes with a superpower: magnets!
Photo: Elago

About that special trick … since the redesigned Siri Remote inexplicably lacks AirTag-style tech that would let you find it when it’s lost in the couch cushions, the R1 Intelli Case adds powerful magnets. That way you can attach it easily to something metallic near your easy chair.

Apple designers are so crazy in love with magnets, you’d think they might have thought of that!

Price: $11.99

Buy from: Cult of Mac Store

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House antitrust legislation has more bark than bite, analyst says

Despite a slate of sweeping antitrust bills in the U.S., investment bank Wedbush believes there’s no major threat to the structure of most large technology companies like Apple.

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, lead Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives writes that investors are continuing to “shrug off” concerns about antitrust regulations and the potential breakup of Silicon Valley giants. That’s because the bark is worse than the bite, Ives said.

Earlier in June, U.S. lawmakers introduced five pieces of antitrust legislation that could bolster competition enforcement, prevent companies from competing in online app stores they maintain, and place restrictions on the preinstallation of first-party apps on hardware devices.

Ives believes that, unless current antitrust laws are modified, the current momentum will more likely only result in fines or business model tweaks rather than the breakup of tech companies.

The analyst says that the lack of consensus and divergence among both sides of the aisle on antitrust issues presents a major obstacle to move legislation forward. Additionally, without core law changes, Ives thinks the current antitrust push could hit a “brick wall.”

In other words, Ives believes that the current antitrust momentum is more of a “headline risk” that tech investors are currently taking in stride.

However, the analyst predicts that there is currently a $20 per share overhang on Apple stock because of potential antitrust regulation in both the U.S. and Europe. He also believes that the Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit verdict and the appointment of antitrust scholar Lina Khan as the federal trade commissioner have both added uncertainty to the situation.

“Taking a step back, our view around the monopolistic and anti-trust swirls remain a containable headline risk for Apple and Big Tech for now. We also believe the App Store remains a very defendable moat both in the courts and in the Beltway and speaks to our view that Apple remains more on the edge rather than the center of the anti-trust spider web with Facebook/Alphabet more in the 202 area code spotlight,” Ives writes.

Wedbush remains “very bullish” on technology stocks for the second half of 2021. Ives believes that tech stocks could accumulate another 15% in value in that period, despite the threat of antitrust regulation.

The analyst maintains his 12-month Apple price target, a sum-of-the-parts valuation based on Wedbush’s 2022 estimates. It includes a 16x multiple applied to Services at $1.3 trillion and a 7x multiple applied to the rest of Apple’s hardware ecosystem at $2.1 trillion.

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AppleInsider is also bringing you the best Apple-related deals for Amazon Prime Day 2021. There are bargains before, during, and even after Prime Day on June 21 and 22 — with every deal at your fingertips throughout the event.

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Another person accidentally swallows an AirPod, still works after being retrieved

The story of another missing AirPod recently surfaced and as it turns out, this Massachusetts man isn’t the first to have experienced “losing” it this way. Here’s the story of how Bradford Gauthier realized he swallowed an AirPod in his sleep and how a doctor got it out.

Over the weekend, Bradford shared with the Guardian about his experience swallowing an AirPod back in February. Like the similar case we saw back in 2019, he also fell asleep with his AirPods in…

I was exhausted, but it’s my habit to watch movies on my phone as I go to sleep. I put on a favourite – the 1980s version of The Thing, starring Kurt Russell. It’s the story of researchers in Antarctica being gradually taken over by a malevolent alien. 

Within 10 minutes of the opening credits, I could barely keep my eyes open. The next thing I knew, four hours had passed, my wife, Heather, was asleep beside me and the movie had long finished. Groggily, I moved my phone off the pillow and removed the wireless AirPod headphone from one ear – the other had fallen out and I couldn’t find it.

The first sign of trouble showed up when he tried to take a drink in the middle of the night.

Still barely awake, I padded to the bathroom for a sip of water, but couldn’t swallow properly. My throat filled with water, but it wouldn’t go down – I had to lean over the sink and let the water drain out. It was bizarre and alarming, but I was so tired that I just went back to bed.

In the morning he looked again for his missing AirPod but couldn’t find it and the battery was dead so Find My AirPod couldn’t work.

Lots more snow had fallen overnight, and I went out before breakfast to resume shovelling, breaking off after an hour or so for a drink of water. Again, I couldn’t swallow but I wasn’t concerned – I just thought my throat was unusually dry and the difficulty would pass. “By the way,” I said, as I headed back out, “I’ve lost one of my earphones. Has anyone seen it?”

It ended up being Bradford’s son who had the idea that he swallowed it.

While I cleared the snow, Heather and my son, Owen, searched the bedroom thoroughly, even lifting the mattress. “Hey,” Owen said, “perhaps you swallowed it in your sleep?” We all laughed, but a couple of minutes later, after another mouthful of water came straight back up, we started to wonder if he might be on to something. I had also become aware of a faint pressure in the middle of my chest – just a mild discomfort, nothing that would usually have caused concern. But the evidence was starting to add up.

“You need to get it checked out,” Heather said.

The doctor at the walk-in clinic doubted that Bradford actually swallowed it but did an X-ray to see what was going on.

At the walk-in centre, the receptionist asked for my symptoms. My response was met with a bemused look and the doctor who examined me was incredulous. She said people with an object lodged in their throat usually experience a lot of pain, plus it seemed unlikely that I could have inadvertently swallowed a piece of plastic an inch and a half long. I was left on my own as she went to examine the results of a precautionary X-ray.

The doctor’s expression when she returned was priceless. “Well, I’ll be damned,” she said. She led me to her workstation, which was surrounded by medical staff. On the screen was a cartoon-clear image of my ribs and, parked between them at 45 degrees, the unmistakable shape of the missing AirPod.

Bradford notes that while it all seemed comical, it was also serious with several potential complications.

The AirPod seemed to be wedged firmly into the side of my oesophagus, but there was still a possibility it could block an airway. If ingested, it could either pass harmlessly through my system, or lodge in my intestines, which would mean surgery. There was also a slight possibility that the device might rupture, and I didn’t want to try digesting a lithium-ion battery.

To get it removed, a procedure was done with a “lasso attachment.”

Heather drove me to the endoscopy centre, where the AirPod was got back out via my mouth using a tube with a lasso attachment. It was extremely uncomfortable, but I was sedated and so only half awake. A few minutes later, I was given the AirPod in a neat little bag.

Like we saw with the last case of a swallowed AirPod, Bradford’s worked after being retrieved from his esophagus 😅.

I tried it as soon as I got home. It works fine, although the microphone is less reliable than it was. I’ll never know for certain how I managed to swallow it; my theory is that it dropped on to the pillow, ended up next to my mouth and got sucked in when I yawned. In retrospect, I’m glad the “find my AirPod” attempt didn’t work – I would have freaked out if my throat had beeped.

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One of the best Wacom drawing tablets is $80 off this Prime Day

Drawing tablets offer far more pressure sensitivity than regular iPads or tablets allowing users to have more control over their strokes and lines. Wacom is the biggest name in the industry and right now one of Wacom’s best drawing tablets is $80 off for Prime Day. Whether you’re already an artist looking for a replacement or a novice hoping to get into the digital drawing scene, this is a great tablet to go with.

It works for both Mac and PC. If you’re interested in seeing additional computer discounts, check out our list of the best Prime Day Mac deals.

Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro Drawing Tablet | $80 off at Amazon

Make digital drawing more convenient with the Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro. It features programmable buttons, offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for the perfect pen strokes, and works with both Mac and PC. It does come with a pen so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

$300 at Amazon

These days with the advances in technology, the question has become should I get an iPad or a drawing tablet?. The short answer is that the iPad can serve many artists’ needs as long as they also have an Apple Pencil but if you need something that can handle more complex software and finer details then a quality graphics tablet is the way to go.

This Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro features buttons on one side that you can customize to specific functions for more convenient drawing sessions. The tablet itself is a little over 13 inches long giving you plenty of room to move your hand without feeling confined. This is not a backlit screen, so it must be connected to a Mac or PC in order to function.

I actually own an older version of this tablet and I’ve absolutely loved it. It works beautifully with Adobe Photoshop and other drawing programs and the response to the pen is so accurate that you can really put all of the details you want into your pieces. Snatch one of these tablets for yourself before this Prime Day deal ends.

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9to5Mac Daily: June 22, 2021 – iPhone 13 production, more

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